Super Fluffy Omelette (Kamini Kapoor Style!)

We would love to tell all of you that we love your support!

Hey everyone! Here’s a different kind of post for you guys today.

One of our loving fans was so nice to re-create the super fluffy omelette recipe that we have up here ( She went out of her way to reach out to us and tell us about her recreation with her fresh duck eggs. 😀 We have to say that we absolutely love the outcome, and simply HAD to show you guys as well!

She was kind enough to share the pictures with us, so we wanted to put them up here for everyone to see! 🙂

Check them out below:


Now, doesn’t that look delicious?! Our recipe doesn’t show any toppings or fillings but here you can see she was in the zone and did a fantastic job!

I really hope you enjoy seeing others’ recreations of the recipes we share on here. Oh yeah! Make sure to check out her Instagram @cookingwithloveandspices for other cool recipes and inspiration.There is some yummy stuff up there. Not just this omelette. 😀

We want to make sure that you know we love each and every one of our fans and supporters. 🙂

Would you like to have a recreation photo up on our website?

Them make sure to send your pictures to us at We are more than happy to share what you guys create and recreate. Thank you all again so much for your love and support in all things flavorful and sharing this journey with us! 🙂

Enjoy the flavor everyone!

~ Austin

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