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This is the very first post of the Flavor Express, and I am very excited to see how well this does. 😀

Over the past week, my husband and I went to a place in Port Huron, MI to try Scotch Eggs. If you’ve never heard of them, they’re hard-boiled eggs covered in sausage and deep-fried. Sounds delicious, right? Well, when we went, they were out of them! 🙁

We decided to try something else that we couldn’t get anywhere else: Salmon Bites and Loaded Nachos.

Beer-Battered Salmon Bites

To the left are the beer-battered Salmon Bites. This is a simple yet delicious appetizer from the tavern. Around six or eight come in the silver bucket, along with a lemon wedge and a cup of dill sauce. The batter on these is very light, very crispy, and provides just the right amount of crunch desired in a deep-fried bite.


The salmon is cooked so perfectly as well; just the right amount of tenderness but not enough to completely fall apart on someone. The dill sauce provides the right amount of tang to the little seafood morsel, though I am personally not a fan of it. I simply enjoyed taking the lemon wedge and squeezing it on the bites to get the nice acidity flavor in each bite.

These were definitely a favorite of mine when we went, and I do plan on ordering them again. 😛







Loaded Nachos

Off to the right are the Loaded Nachos. These are another appetizer we had to try while at the tavern, but after eating the Salmon Bites we could only get through about half of them. 😛

This is a plate of house-made chips, a homemade cheese sauce topped with bacon bits and scallions. Despite being underneath the thick layer of cheese, the chips never get soggy. They also hold the crunch of freshness that should always be in a homemade chip. The cheese itself isn’t sweet but isn’t spicy like some nacho cheeses are. The bacon also isn’t from the shaker of bacon bits you get at the grocery store. It’s freshly cooked bacon chopped up into delicious bits.

The scallions, well, are scallions. They’re used to garnish and add just the right amount of freshness to the plate. The picture also shows a simple half-order of the nachos, so I will tell you I’m a little intimidated to see just what a full order looks like.


Now this isn’t a place for me to rate the experiences I’ve had at restaurants, but I will share this little bit with you: this places gets a 10/10 on their originality and the quality of their food. I plan on returning here after I have my daughter and simply enjoying not just the Salmon Bites again, but one of the sandwiches they make here. These two appetizers are what sparked the idea of Flavor Express, and I really hope because of them, this little bit of the FlavorSmasher blog grows.

I hope you enjoyed this little article. Flavor Express is a work-in-progress, and I’m more used to posting and talking about the videos I post weekly. I do plan on improving the quality of these posts when more come along.

With that said, I hope you all enjoy the flavor today!

~ Mandi

6 thoughts on “Flavor Express – Lynch’s Tavern

  1. Outstanding first entry! The Beer-Battered Salmon Bites are particularly intriguing. Generally, I find fried foods to be regrettable. Generally. However, fish makes it all work brilliantly. Between the salmon and the dill sauce, there’s definitely a whole “gravlax” vibe going. So Norwegian! Look forward to reading about your next expedition!

  2. Those nachos!

    You know, I made scotch eggs once but in the interest of health (I was doing a round of Whole30 at the time) the recipe I used had me bake them instead of frying. The whole recipe fell a bit flat that way. I’m looking forward to one day trying them as they were meant to be☺️

  3. I go to Michigan for work every other month. One of my offices is not too far from Port Huron. I will keep this place in mind if I have time to drive up to Port Huron on one of my Michigan trips. Actually I am leaving for Michigan day after tomorrow.

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